Alysia Harris: “That Girl”

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From Brave New Voices


Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass

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My favorite poet read by Tom O’Bedlam

What is grass? What is the sky? What are the stars shining down on us 3.4 billion years before us? What is time?

James Baldwin, “The Artist’s Struggle for Integrity”

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A portion of a powerful speech by James Baldwin on the struggle of the integrity of the artist.

Free Poetry Courses-

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It’s a pretty exciting time when you can take University courses for free.

I’ve signed up for a course through The University of Iowa on How Writers Write Poetry.

I’m looking forward to taking the course, and I hope that I can learn some things, and open up my creative mind, so I can figure out what to do with all the jumbled words and ideas I’ve collected below:

A lock of red hair in a clear velum envelope.
A woman in lace and silk underwear standing in a Parisian hotel room she is smoking a cigarette and leaning over the iron rod railing of her balcony.
A dilapidated building.
A marble fa├žade of angles and gargoyles leaning over ornate gigantic wooden doors.
A painting of a naked woman lounging on a blue chair she is looking over her shoulder at her painter and the viewer.
Black notes on a sheet of music.
Cobblestone streets. Pebbled roads. Graveled lanes. Brick walkways.
Milk spilled over a linoleum floor.
Wood paneled walls.
A white clawed foot tub. A gold faucet.
A glass filled with rusted water.
Water bubbling into a pool of blue and gold.

Trains like caterpillars

Black dawn,
She is rising now

Three Poems by Anis Mojgani

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Anis is not only a wonderful poet, and a powerful presenter of his inspiring poems, but he’s also a great person. I’m grateful to know this man.

Direct Orders
Here I Am
Shake the Dust

If you want to know more about Anis go here.

Daniel Beaty’s Knock Knock

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A painfully touching, and powerful poem.

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