There is nothing between us, not even our skin

February 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

Little deaths
Hidden in alpine flowers,
Rare orchids,
Fingers dipping into flesh
Like sugar and bowls of honey.
We want more,
Not afraid to eat,
Like pythons safe in
Each other’s bellies.
Warm safe and whole
Like yin and yang
Eating the serpent’s tail.
There is nothing to fear
In love, when loosing
Yourself is bliss.
It is a gift
Rare and bold,
Delicate and fragile
Like the flowers.


The Time Machine

February 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

I had dreamt I found a time machine
and it took me back before there were
children or wives.
It took me to you.
To a place where we both had been,
but never met.
I knew exactly where to find you
from all the stories you had told me
I knew exactly what to say.
You looked at me perplexed and intrigued
how could I know so much about you
how come it felt we were meant to meet?

I had manipulated time
so I could meet you first
but it would not tell me the future.
Still the expression on your face
was priceless, when I saw you out of breath,
“Chasing Junkies?” I asked,
and then passed by with a sly smile
trailing my own scent.
I had wanted to impress you,
especially the you I will never meet.

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